"Developing novel treatments for Dormant Cancers - targeting resistance, metastasis, and relapse."


Cancer cell quiescence is a major and as yet unaddressed mechanism of cancer survival and resistance. Until recently, the research efforts have been focused on combating the inherently resistant cancer cells and the acquired resistance, which develops over time on exposure to chemotherapeutics.

Felicitex is developing new therapies that are specifically target and kill cancer cells that use the dormancy state for their survival niche. Our therapies target quiescent, otherwise non-responsive cancer cells with three therapeutically beneficial outcomes: first, our proprietary treatment makes cancer cells vulnerable to conventional treatments; second, it prevents cancer cells from hiding in the quiescence state for indeterminate period of time and thereby eliminate their ability to develop resistant phenotype, and third, eliminate cancer recurrence.  Overall, destroying quiescent cancer cells cleans up the reservoirs of future malignancy and prevents cancer from further proliferation, metastasis, and spread.
Cellular quiescence is a resting or “sleeping” state, denoted as the G0 state of the cell cycle. The quiescent state is reversible, which distinguishes it from senescence. While being dormant, a cell is neither dividing nor is preparing to divide. As a consequence, both transcription and translation processes are stalled and therefore these cells are resistant to damage by chemotherapeutics and targeted therapies. 
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